Monday, 1 April 2013

2 years since

There is just this one update that needs to be told in this 2nd anniversary post :-

Yuvraj Singh wins another battle.

Thank you, Team India, again, for giving us the joy of a World Cup. 
And thank you again, Yuvraj Singh, for teaching us that nothing is impossible if we fight our way through it. Again, all this is dedicated to you.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Thank you, Team India.

When soldiers went to the battlefields, to fight in wars, wives and children back home would do just the one thing - pray for the health and success of the men, to bring glory to their land, and family.

When the Indian cricket team, last year, had geared up to play in the Tenth Cricket World Cup, more than a billion people had started channeling their prayers for the success of the team in every single game they played in. Office timings were altered, colleges were bunked, schools were cut short, numerous meals were skipped, umpteen travel plans were made, altered and canceled, and places of worship recorded exceptional attendances. It was the World Cup fever running deep into our heart and soul. And, it was incurable.

For success in any field, any where, we need to start well and finish better. Virender Sehwag started the tournament with a four. Mahendra Singh Dhoni finished the tournament with a six. The opponents on both occasions were the ones to whom India had lost to in the previous edition of the World Cup. In four years, revenge was exacted, and the perspiration of efforts were exchanged for the crown - Champions Of The World. Every single fan had his/her favourite moment from all the battles that ensued, and every one of them was an important step leading to the grand victory.

Besides India, the Cricket World Cup Trophy has been owned by only four other teams. West Indies had it first. After India's victory in 1983, Australia won it in 1987. Pakistan were the next keepers of the crown. In 1996, Sri Lanka became the last team to lay new hands on the trophy. (Australia had since won it thrice)

I cannot make this fact up, that India defeated the above four teams in the exact same order of possession of the World Cup Trophy, to win the World Cup 2011.

India defeated every single erstwhile champion of the sport, to become the new Champion. It cannot be scripted better.

(image courtesy : Associated Press and ESPNcricinfo)

In a country where the culture changes every few km of distance, on the night of April 2nd, 2011, we were all one and the same - an Indian, from toe to hair. Indians around the world rejoined the victory on a grand scale, emotions bottled inside for weeks, months and years were gushing out. Some of those celebrations have been captured on this blog.

Celebrations, just like how soldiers celebrate, and are celebrated, upon return from a victorious war.

Thank you, Team India. You gave the youth some wonderful moments to cherish. You gave the elders some nostalgic moments. You are giving our future some wonderful tales to be told.

WE saw you win the Cricket World Cup 2011. Congratulations, once again.


On behalf of every Indian cricket fan, I would like to dedicate this blog to Yuvraj Singh, Man of The Tournament of the Cricket World Cup 2011.

Dear Yuvraj Singh,

If you are reading this, we would like to thank you for the wonderful gift you gave us an year ago.

You put up a BIG smile on the face of billions of people. Today, the same billions of people stand by your side and wish you a very speedy recovery and a pain-less future. Wear that beautiful smile on your face, and let that never droop!

With Loads of Love,
Best Wishes,
Indian Cricket Fans World Over.


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